Buddhist or Postmodern?

No Zen in the West

Ecology and dependent co-origination, emptiness and deconstruction, Queer theory and the relative nature of duality – why is it that Buddhism seems to speak so consistently to the cultural preoccupations of our time?

About a month ago I graduated from a part-time BA completion program at California Institute of Integral Studies, finally finishing what I started about fifteen years ago in my couple of years at the oddly monastic Deep Springs College.  Squeezing in the program on top of my various temple responsibilities and my life as a new father at times seemed a little over the top, but with the support of many and the generous flexibility of Green Gulch and CIIS both, I was able to pull it off.

A lot happened in my heart and mind of Dharma as I re-entered the realm of “worldly” academics.  But the main insight or question I want to share now…

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