Be a Leader, Not a Boss


A century has passed, but the debate is still on between leadership and management. Leading and Managing are two different ways of organizing people. Leadership is a way of setting new ideas, direction and vision for a group that they follow. On the other hand, Management controls or directs people and resources in a group according to values or principles that have already been established. The manager is rather tend to use a formal, rational method whilst the leader uses passion and stir emotions. (Laurie J. Mullins, 2013)

People naturally and willingly follow leaders due to their charisma and persona, whereas a manager is followed due to the formal authority assigned to them. As a result, people tend to be more loyal towards leaders rather than managers.

“Leadership is doing the right things; management is doing things right”. – Peter Drucker

Leadership is one of the several faces of management. Often the…

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