Core Management Skills and Competencies – Social Networking

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Social Networking competency is defined as socializing informally. It includes developing contacts with people who are a source of information and support and maintaining those contacts through periodic visits, telephone calls, correspondence, and attendance at meetings and social events.

Illustrative Behavior 1: Relays relevant experiences and passes on knowledge unselfishly.

Illustrative Behavior 2: Maintains contacts with people in other areas of the company or in different organizations who can be useful sources of information or resources.

Illustrative Behavior 3: Does favors (e.g., provides information, assistance, political support, or resources) to maintain good working relationships with people whose cooperation and support are important.

Illustrative Behavior 4: Attends meetings and social events to continually solidify and grow his or her network.

Illustrative Behavior 5: Uses his or her network to solve problems efficiently and effectively.

Illustrative Behavior 6: Actively designs his or her network in anticipation of future needs or plans (e.g…

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